230 Pressure Feed Gun

  • Light weight and Slim Body Spray Gun.
  • Good Strength and Durability due to Forged Aluminium Gun Body.
  • Special Maintenance kit is provided with each gun.
  • P.T.F.E packing for extended work life.


Product Description

Bullows 230 Pressure Feed Gun have a Light weight and Slim Body Spray Gun. It has a Good Strength and Durability due to Forged Aluminium Gun Body.Special Maintenance kit is provided with each gun. P.T.F.E packing for extended work life.Needle available in nylon and SS.Bullows 230 Pressure Feed Gun will make your task of painting smooth and comfortable. 

You can provide beauty to your objects without any disorder.Enhance the look of your objects by making use of above valuable product so that eventually you can enjoy the beautiful A Class finish.Transfer Efficiency rate of Bullows 230 gun is 30% to 35% because of its transfer efficiency rate it reduce wastage of paint.


That the 230 spray gun replaces two of Bullows top selling, top performance, spray guns is convincing evidence of its superb qualities.
Now, the constant development, experience and technical forethought, which have established Bullows as leaders in the international field of spray finishing, have produced a spray gun which surpasses the best features of these two spray guns.
The best hardworking, hardwearing, characteristics of its predecessors are amplified in the 230 spray gun, and the expert in spray finishing will appreciate the practical advantages conferred by these new features:—

Air nozzle retainer ring screws on to renewable hardened steel threads.
Alignment assured by direct fastening of the air

nozzle retainer ring to the material nozzle.
Use of P.T.F.E. packings throughout. Self-aligning nylon needles which reduce nozzle wear and gland friction
Forged high-strength aluminium alloy body with pressed steel trigger..
Oversize nylon air valve and stainless steel stem.

The superb performance of the 230 spray gun is unmatched by that of any other spray gun in the world.
This performance is achieved by a combination of large, smooth flowing air passages and an oversize air valve, which gives the lowest ever pressure drop: this, combined with a new range of air nozzles, provides a performance which is unique in spray finishing today.


Applications for 230 spray guns

  • Automobile
  • Furniture
  • Machinery and Transport
  • Ceramic
  • Polymer and Rubber
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical

Product Specifications

Operating Pressure5 – 8 Bar
Pattern Size2 – 7 inches
Nozzle Size0.8 mm, 1mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 4 mm, 6mm
Weight450 gm


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