• Production Speed and Productivity.
  • Uniform Quality.
  • Multiple Job Variety.
  • Minimum Rejection.
  • Material Saving.
  • Space Efficiency.
  • Economical, Safe & Easy Handling.


Product Description

We Bullows Paint Equipment Pvt. Ltd. are working for converting manual coating practice into fully economical automated solutions.

We have launched 5 axis Auto coating system few years ago & got excellent response. Number of reputed customers using Bullows- brand 4 axis automatic system & fully satisfied with our system performance.
This system is design for coating variety of job automatically by using auto gun.
5 axis auto coating system has been designed to handle critical type of job of various shapes which need to be coated from all side. We can select axis length as per job requirement.
We can use this system in batch type for low production or also has flexibility to convert with Conveyrised system for higher production.
System has provided three linear motion axis & a rotary axis:
1. X axis: – which moves in horizontal direction.
2. Y axis: – which moves in horizontal direction.
3. Z axis: – which moves in vertical direction.
4. A axis: which is having angular movement = 320 º (For Motor)
5. B axis: – which is having angular movement = 180 º (Auto spray gun movement)
Linear Axis length can be customized as per job dimension.
Using these four-motion, axis machine can coat jobs within seconds with uniform finishing.

We provide PLC & HMI based control panel for performing fully auto operation and use servo motors for smooth operations. We can save more than 500 recipes in the system to cover number of components of varient range.
We provide Bullows auto gun with the system which is having fine atomization & can handle multiple types of paints..


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