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Paint Booth Additive is used for the water treatment in the spray booths. It is very effective where mixed paints are used . The effect of Booth Additive on the over sprayed paint, make sure that the washing chambers, plates and pipe work of the spray booth require less frequent cleaning and the over sprayed paint will float in a conventional denatured non – sticky form for easy removal.

Whenever you start a fresh bath make sure that you clean the booth and the sludge pit thoroughly. Fill the booth tank with fresh industrial water and start the circulation. Booth Additive then added to the turbulent area of the reservoir at 1-2 litres per 1000 lts of water in the tank. This addition will give a pH of around 10. This pH will start dropping from the time the paint over spray is mixed with that.

To get the best performance of Additive the pH must be maintained between the range of 9-10. To maintain the pH, regular replenishments should be made. Its normally assumed that there will be a 40% overspray paint contamination in the booth water. The recommended doses are @ 3-5 % of spray viscosity paints consumption.

With proper lab facilities, a more accurate concentration control by titration can be achieved.

Paint Booth Additive formulation is well suited to be used with automatic dosing system which may in turn be linked to an electronic pH or conductivity meter.

Remove denatured paint collected into the sludge pit at regular interval for better performance.


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