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Ceiling-Filters are Intake Filters used in Spray Booths that have a Ceiling Plenum. They can also be used in Paint Booths that are designed so that the Intake Air requires a large pad of filtration media.

These filters are of high density to retain particles up to 10 microns and they last from 6 to 12 months depending on the environment air quality and on the design of the pre-filtration system.
Proper ceiling filters are specially designed for pressurized (air make-up burner unit) environments. They are engineered to allow the air to be pushed through them; however, the weave of the filter gets progressively tighter until all contamination (usually 10 micron or larger) is trapped before entering your booth space.
The ceiling filter cells are used for prefiltration and here extend the useful lifetime of the downstream high-performance filters. They can be substituted for almost all commercially available filter cells and filter mats in replaceable frames.This filters are ideally suited for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Due to their low installation depth, filters are often used as secondary filter for edrizzi for the filtration of cabin exhaust air.

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