Feed & Flush

  • Mainten yaur paint viscosity.
  • Minimum charge over for colour change.
  • Reduce consumption of solvent/flusing agent.
  • Measurable saving on paint & solvent.
  • User friendly system & no fatiuge for line flushing.

Product Description

Bullows introduces Feed & Flush type Paint Feeding System. which is also knows as paint and time saver. it will save your time and paint. It  will also increase  your Performance. Feed and flush syestem is easy to handle. It will mainten yaur paint viscosity . It will take Minimum charge over for colour change. It Reduce consumption of solvent/flusing agent. Bullows feed and flush system is the modern method of supplying paint direct to the point of use from bulk store. Each line consists of  A storage tank and a circulating pump usually direct acting air driven.A pipe circuit in the form of a loop to the furthest point of use and back to the mixing tank. A restrictor valve is fitted at the return to give a back pressure. At each take off point a fluid pressure regulator to control the supply pressure precisely to the spray gun.



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