Glass fiber filter



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Glass Fiber Filters are composed of pure borosilicate fibers, with or without organic resin binder.Glass Fiber Filters are available in a variety of nominal pore size ratings and flow rates, to suit a wide range of applications. The purity of glass filters is dictated by the presence of binder material that acts as a strengthening agent and aids in holding the fibers together. Binderless Glass Fiber Filters offer high purity and exceptional thermal/chemical resistance. Glass filters with organic resin binder have limited resistance, but offer improved wet strength and reduced potential for fiber shedding.
Due to their superior throughput compared to other fiber filters, Glass Fiber Filters are typically used in removal of sediment and coarse particulate. High flow rates enable ideal use in applications like single and multi-process removal of sediment and coarse particulate. They are also commonly utilized in pre-filtration prior to membrane filtration for food, beverage, life science, and bio-pharmaceutical applications.

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