Gravity Feed Spray Gun

  • Well balanced and light weight gun.
  • Precision air and fluid adjustments.
  • Air pressure control valve (optional).
  • Finish- standard buffed/ blue anodized.
  • SS/MS fluid passage for low flow resistance.
  • Air flow controls on gun body for ease of operation.
  • Finish: Silver Anodized.
  • Air inlet- 1/4” BSP(M) & fluid inlet- 3/8” BSP(M).
  • Removable air cap & baffle extends gun body service life.
  • A choice of air cap with standard tip & needle combination in MS & SS of 1.1, 1.4, 1.8 mm sizes.
  • Gravity feed cup (MOC- nylon) of 700 ml.

Product Description

This is triologcs make Conventional Gravity Feed Spray Gun This version come with high quaulity, light weight nylon paint cup with screw on a cap to prevent spillage. The cups are available in two different sizes suitable to your application 500ml & 700ml. The unique design of gun and the cup ensures maximum utilization of paint.

Trio 630 Gravity Feed Gun will make your task of painting smooth and comfortable. You can provide beauty to your objects without any disorder.Enhance the look of your objects by making use of above valuable product so that eventually you can enjoy the beautiful A Class finish.Transfer Efficiency rate of Trio 630 gun is 30% to 35% because of its transfer efficiency rate it reduce wastage of paint. Trio 630 Spray Gun is beneficial for touch up.



Applications for 630 spray guns

Machinery and Transport
Polymer and Rubber

Product Specifications

Working Air Pressure 4.3 bar
Weight of Spray Gun With Cup 1000 gms. (max.)
Gun Body Forged Aluminium
Trigger Spray Gun Stainless Steel Buffed
Nozzle M.S. & S.S. Sizes – 1.1, 1.4, 1.8
Needle SS Duly ground matched with nozzle taper. Sizes – 1.1,1.4, 1.8
Air Cap Brass plated type – TL 043 & TL 704
Capacity of Cup 500 I 650 ml


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