L 20 Air Motor

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  • Pneumatically operated
  • Long life and durability
  • Provides continuous agitation
  • Easy mounting
  • Unique 180° oscillation movement for homogeneous agitation of paint / liquid.

Product Description

Continuous agitation of the material in pressure feed paint containers is becoming increasingly important these days, as there is a very large proportion of heavily pigmented and metallic finishes in use. Without continuous agitation, it will be found that the components produced from the beginning and end of a batch of paint, are substantially different in colour. The Bullows L.20 Air Motor has been introduced to provide efficiently and economically, this continuous agitation.
The L.20 Air Motor imparts a 180 oscillatory movement to the paddles; this, together with the Bullows Three Blade Scroll Paddle, provides a degree of agitation hitherto un-obtainable. A remarkable feature is that agitation is greatest at the centre of the bottom, a point which, in orthodox designs, is completely stagnant. Many manufacturers have found that the use of this Air Motor and Paddle Gear has made it possible to achieve exact colour matching of pastel shades, where this had previously been impossible.
The L.20 Air Motor will exert a torque of 400 in./lb. when connected to any air line at 80 lb./sq. in. This is sufficient to break out paddles, which have stood for several days in a container of heavy filler.
The L.20 Air Motor will operate satisfactorily on 1 c.f.m., because it has very little friction and is free from internal leakage. The air consumption of other air motors is usually 7-10 c.f.m. on a comparable duty.
The L.20 Air Motor is direct acting, that is, it runs at the paddle speed, and does not incorporate a high speed air motor driving through a reduction gearbox. The normal operating speed is 10-20 oscillations per minute, about the speed of a grandfather clock.
Freedom from wear results from a combination of the very low operating speed, generous bearing surfaces and grease bath lubrication of all working parts. There is no silencer fitted, or necessary, the exhaust flow is so small as to be virtually inaudible and there is no mechanical noise whatever.
The L.20 Air Motor drops on to a 14″ diameter boss, to which it is secured by a pad bolt. The shaft slides in and out of engagement with the driving slot of the self-aligning coupling. Drop on to the spigot, tighten one nut, connect one hose union, and the air motor is fitted.
The only maintenance required is that one cover is removed and the gear chamber recharged with grease every six months.


Product Specifications

Torque 4.6 kg-m
RPM 10-12 rpm
Air Consumption 1 CFM (2 m3/Hr) at 80 psi (5.6 kg/sq-m)


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